Adult supplies business, the adult supplies to make high-quality goods display, sales month break 50000!

by:Cupidove     2020-03-27
Adult supplies business, the adult supplies to make high-quality goods display, sales month break 50000! Time: 2019 07 - 05 source: author: reading: this star franchisees Song Zhiqiao, month turnover: 40000 - 50000, joining package: flagship store ( Artificial shop + machine shop) 。 Each month Song Zhiqiao adult shop can gather a group of people, especially the night time, exquisite decoration and elegant sex toy store display, attract many consumers to stop. As early as 2014, Song Zhiqiao through friends know to the profits of the industry, can detect industry for the investment, in this environment are potential business opportunities everywhere, can rapid decision-making is to invest the necessary skills, sometimes to the faster the better share in the market, also can hold the feet. Through all aspects of market investigation and assessment of data, on October 26, 2018 Song Zhiqiao eventually decided to join the artificial shop and self-help machine shop. 1, no longer miss and dialogue, identified the Song Zhiqiao recalls, was the reason for the choice of, feel very general specification, before joining to compare several similar company, both on the team size and brand advantage will look more professional and more formal, industry of 21 years old, after all, brand, or to win the favour of consumers in the market. Star alliance business Song Zhiqiao also specially to warehouse to do inspection at the time, see 2000 - warehouse management norms, the goods are placed neatly, warehouse in ERP system, the response is very timely delivery, at that time I just want to even this small warehouse management details are doing so in place, I was relieved, decided to join the same day! 2, 1 months later, the appeal of the new play Song Zhiqiao artificial shop and self-help machine shop, officially opened at the same time, only for the opening day of artificial store turnover of 3000 yuan, revenue of 2000 yuan, self-service machine this is Song Zhiqiao intending than expected turnover. Opening day friends still chat with Song Zhiqiao, forecasts for the opening also can exceed 1000 yuan, but who have never thought one day can have more than 5000. Store operations Song Zhiqiao very experienced, 2 days before the opening in order to give their stores exposure, daily has issued more than 50 individual WeChat dynamic, in an instant by the entire circle of friends by Song Zhiqiao & other; Bully screen & throughout; 。 Opening atmosphere has been Song Zhiqiao it for 3 weeks, so bring an endless stream of traffic to the store. Star franchisees Song Zhiqiao joining former my another friend said also suggested that we can try joining machine shop, good do extend store, prospects at that time I was analyzed with him, and tell my inner thoughts: now that understand the industry's profits, I'll use it in the best interests of the greatest way mining, so worthwhile. I have already quit his job at this moment, decided to full-time operating manual shop and machine shop. 3, free Song Zhiqiao than before according to their own practical experience summed up: adult shop not only sell products, more important is service oriented, only good services, let them see you as a friend, in order to better let customers willingly in your consumption here, this is a timeless truth. Star alliance business Song Zhiqiao: WeChat or shop at ordinary times will have a customer looking for my chat and consulting, past me for the random individual, even it is difficult to express, engaged in this line after the people around all say I become a professional guidance teacher, since I choose entrepreneurship appeal this line, more is the value of it, holding the mindset of entrepreneurship as a career to do, also have no to this & other Interest & throughout; There are too many distractions. Just start some not accustomed to, after all, is to change professions, previous job is from nine to five. Now although busy, but very substantial, the life also have hope, and also very free, no institution rules constraint, a lot of things can be according to their own way. 4, striding ahead, not afraid! Current Song Zhiqiao join in eight months, short time depends on outstanding marketing ability, let oneself shop turnover remained in 40000 - a month 50000, this also prove that interest industry still has very big prospects. In the communication with Song Zhiqiao Song Zhiqiao also pointed out that the adult shop by are early results, often can receive WeChat order information in the morning, some customers will delivery to the store, there are also need to send the door, there are many online orders every month. For the future, Song Zhiqiao have long-term planning, believe in the near future, Song Zhiqiao will be bound to achieve another dream of their own. Reach the shore, the dream was looking back at the road, sometimes even meet stumbling, but in front of the sun is shining, will be more firmly believe that go on. Because in the dream, afraid of!
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