Adult supplies billions of river's lake, the wind came, are you ready?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-26
Adult supplies billions of river's lake, the wind came, are you ready? Time: 2019 07 - 06 source: author: reading: the day of every aspect in the mobile Internet is now the people demand can dig out today, there is a wide market, customer needs strong, and the Internet to sell right way category but hesitated to start their own play. Several years ago, has been foretold followed idea more open to young people into the store, the Internet way up, capital inflow, adult products will become the next tuyere. But a few years in the past, the & other; Shy & throughout; Career remains open to tepid, until this year, the situation seems to start up the changes. “ Tuyere & throughout; Blowing bright eye results of adult supplies professional now, already not the traditional impression jammed the streets of husband and wife wife, even for the head into the enterprise capital market. But they also became the observation the vane to the market place. A brief accounting half annual report issued by the three board adult supplies company, flash significantly add year-on-year last year were the most achievements, during which more than doubled up. Although it has a small base, but such & other; Neat & throughout; Results of explosion, also flash professional or was really big of eve. In the first half of this year's new three board first, adult supplies company achievements as to under the background of the economic environment is not good results for good tips, companies also gave his reasons. Indicated in the world, companies can better develop the design for march production capacity, product conversion rate has laid a solid foundation, make the company on product quality and the capital control is a professional leader. In addition, the company added way for the development of e-commerce, e-commerce travel network to sell to, late for widening the stores to lay the foundation. He boring shares also said, following the expansion of the company application way user base, constitute a sex toy production, supply, sales integration business chain. In addition, the company further rich application extensive entertainment and diplomatic property, add sharply make in the first half of the information service, profits can be improved further. Visible, with live online buying and selling, layout, short video and other diplomatic means and skills of travel is adult supplies manufacturers this year since the common reason to celebrate the good times. The personage inside course of study also indicate that the adult supplies mall will guess outbreaks of all sorts of elements is not wrong, just a few years ago the opportunity is not sophisticated. Billions of runway who can win the conjecture on the basis of professional organization, the global adult supplies mall is still in quick add interval, to market scale will amount to $16. 3 billion, 2020, 110 billion yuan. In stark contrast, with the domestic adult supplies mall is & other; Melee & throughout; S, no matter from which side, adult products in our country should have a broad market. With accounting data, the entire global adult supplies, 70% are made by our country produces, but these produce products 70% primary exports abroad. Now our country on the use of adult products rate is far lower than Europe and the United States. In developed countries, at least one in every 10 families of their own adult appliances, while in our country, the ratio is less than one over one thousand. GDP than high add engel's coefficient of falling, make people pay more and more attention to the consumption of one. Especially with the younger generation is gradually stepping into the society, the concept changes and the way of life of travel sex toy store rich imagination for the future. Electricity in our country also to adult things contact of policy supply customers with the perfect way. If offline adult shop and less product quantity, the quality is difficult to guarantee, network distribution & other; Pain points throughout the &; Now, just a few mobile phones, they can find a fit & other; Taste & throughout; Adult supplies, express delivery also maintains privacy, also let more people have sex toy consumption when dismissed concerns. Compared with the common product has been such as taobao, jingdong to B2C giant format is different, the choose and buy of adult supplies as demand more guidance and communication, make professional manufacturers in a big way outside self-built vertical selling way possible. Communities through thesis reviews, users will be able to understand the basic concepts of sex toys, find what they need. From the above analysis can see, even the human common & other; Shy & throughout; Consumer demand, is also closely related to national culture and national temperament, the population base is the key of professional can do bigger and stronger. At home, the most don't lack is population and traffic. But the particularity of domestic is that the profession has more stringent regulatory standards. Adult supplies company in carrying out, but they may step on the vulgar, pornographic and other high tension line. So the adult things combined with communication community, from pure shopping promotion for & other; Flow throughout the &; And foreign business, and even expand & other; Supplies throughout the &; Outside of the more mature business, perhaps is the key of the professional fission. Adult products over the years, always been foretold tuyere line site, but after all is real face. But like a taxi, take-away exists for so many years Russia but quietly, like the outbreak of a qualitative requirements of professional, just do your own thing, to explore the feasible ways of Internet + spring not long after all.
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