Add molding food-grade silicone candy chocolate with mold silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-05-13

add forming dies for the food grade silica gel candy chocolate silica gel

add a silica gel is a two-component liquid silicone molding, a two-component liquid silicone consists of silica gel and condensation silicone products molding, and silica gel and condensation silicone products molding mainly lies in the difference between a molding silicone environmental protection, condensation silicone not environmental protection, the reason is that their different solidification principle, forming curing agent is a platinum catalyst, and condensation type is organotin catalyst, ratio of silicone and curing agent are also quite different.

and food-grade silicone is a forming silica gel, for environmental requirements of the silica gel is more strict, passes through the FDA food grade certification, specific environmental protection to what extent, for everyone here, the so-called food grade is not to say that this kind of silicone can eat, but that can be used as a food mold, direct contact with food, also can direct contact with the body, but can not be inserted into the body inside, that need medical grade silicone to ordinary food grade silica gel is unattainable.

add molding food-grade silicone in addition to environmental protection, and other performance are better than the other silica gel, prominent is his resistance to high temperature, can reach 300 degrees, and corrosion resistance, ageing resistance are better than ordinary silica gel, therefore food-grade silicone products molding application field is very wide, the performance-to-price ratio is high, the current in the silica gel is very popular on the market, has the need to welcome to come to consult, Cupidove silica gel

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