Accelerate push manufacturing, green transformation into organic silicone products!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-03

with the rise of global economic system, the people for green, health, green development also gradually pay attention to, in addition to the green industry are also part of the national government strongly support all over the world, in order to achieve in order to achieve the efficient use of energy resources and ecological environment protection, the main developed countries have also put forward the green transformation strategy and concept, green manufacturing 'green production reasonably, energy conservation, environmental protection, such as new energy industry rapid development, and become the important means to reshape the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in the developed countries.

the global economic rapid development today, the manufacturing industry is the core of the economic system main body, also is the core of the world economy quality pieces, at present our country manufacturing industry innovation ability remains to be promoted, the core technology of foreign dependence on the high side, with the new economic development create a new system is not perfect, industrial transformation and upgrading, must promote innovation in manufacturing upgrading a stronghold and international competition as the goal, through product innovation, model innovation and enhance its brand innovation, nature is little not promote economic transformation of the transformation of greening master!

in recent years, the rapid growth of industrial enterprise r&d investment, enterprise r&d intensity from zero in 2008. Increased to 61% in 2017 to 1. Around 1%, technology continues to improve, organic silicon green industry in China will markedly enhance its capability of independent innovation, give priority to with silica gel products, growing in different areas, gradually popular in all walks of life, and in order to promote green manufacturing, in the industry of environmental protection silicone products occupy 80% of the world a different fields.

with silicone rubber, 107 glue, reclaimed rubber and so on organic silicon products from the development in recent years gradually came to the conclusion that year of profit growth, silica gel products downstream producers get pushed gradually, gradually increasing demand, mainly manufacturing also silicone accessories and parts, most of today's manufacturing environment will affect the rubber and plastic products have silicone instead of gradually, such as silica gel seal products, silicone accessories such as gradually replace rubber products, plastic products and so on!

in the next few years the development of green, energy resource and ecological environment protection will be gradually pay attention to, while walking in the green industry, green industry the road of enterprise will gradually become one of the main competitive reshape manufacturing!

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