About the silicone products installed components appear deformation phenomenon of how to deal with

by:Cupidove     2020-09-17

now silicone products, about machinery accessories, silicone seal products and so on small parts, tend to be a more frequent phenomenon, and dimensional deviation 'after the' installed and can be normal use, the results can make do with it. So for what we call the silicone material deformation phenomenon of silica gel products have serious relationship, deformation processing in the process of using, also can appear in the middle of the silica gel products factory production process, so often is, the smaller the bad control products!

when it comes to the silicone deformation phenomenon is the main reason for the second or so several problems, molding process time, curing temperature, pressure, several problems such as silicone parts are belong to small products, and silicone material, soft after high temperature and heating time have no good control, nature can appear crisp, softening phenomenon to appear, so after the above several aspects to control good, silicone accessories can basically solve the problem, and in addition to the deformation problem is another phenomenon of silicone shrinkage contrast, don't know whether you realize it!

silicone normal shrank:

20 degrees 1 raw materials. 035 - 1. 04

30 degrees 1 raw materials. 032 - 1. 034

40 degrees 1 raw materials. 03 - 1. 032

50 degrees 1 raw materials. 025 - 1. 03

60 degrees 1 raw materials. 025 - 1. 028

1 70 degrees raw materials. 02 - 1. 024

1 80 degrees raw materials. 018 - 1. 02

normally! Silicone products processed products according to the drawings need to add a certain amount of shrinkage ratio, so to the shrinkage of different hardness of the products have a certain proportion, and about the silicone accessories installed after the dimension deviation, deformation phenomenon can be calculated from the size of the products above shrinkage in comparison, after so many mold factory in the mould are commonly need to be registered in the mould, so as not to cause the deviation of product, but this kind of phenomenon will not appear too much, so for the deformation phenomenon, as far as possible from the first point above to find the reason, and dimensional deviation from shrinkage calculation above!

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