About silicone cleansing brush processing production standards

by:Cupidove     2020-08-31

with the arrival of the summer weather gradually began to heat up, let the silicone skin cleaning brush in the demand of life gradually became popular, recently many customers are asking us silicone wash a face to brush to do, that we as a professional silicone products manufacturer and can only say that to us! Since the silicone skin cleaning brush once upon a time a few years just coming into the market since we started to develop mold do detailed research about the structure of products, each the size of the brush head that wash a face and the spacing between how to let the customer get better experience, all kinds of shape size has many sets of mold, so we silicone wash a face to brush the product has been through the bottom and we on the production side about bad product phenomenon has enough experience and production and processing.

for production standard, the normal production process of molding process on bad requirements must be controlled within 3% above, not only is the need of silicone skin cleaning brush, for all the silicone products in machining process to ensure that the defective rate can be controlled to 97% of the rate of more than just can normal production, because at present the trend of the silicone industry must have a lot of silicone products manufacturer is clear, the rise of raw materials and other budget costs have continued to rise, so as the source of product manufacturers can only on the quality control the defective rate will be profit of the product, the second process can control the generation of bad, also can receive high quality products, for the procurement friend delivery satisfaction to get market acceptance.

for backend side down the packaging process is also very important procedure, silicone skin cleaning brush burrs, although is not very big, but our staff also need to be careful to check every product burrs to wrapping, overall cleansing brush need to be in every link of the standard requirements to get the customer's demand, rubber mixing link needs to be clean face brush raw materials mixing evenly to ensure that the product reaches the molding product color uniform flow performance is good, and in the process of rubber cutting can ensure the weight of the rubber, the need to control the product in the molding process of all kinds of bad phenomenon occurs, will increase the yield of the product to the effect of qualified, another standard production plan, open side need to pay attention to in the process of packaging the appearance of the product is neat, and packaging of products clean and tidy


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