A two-component sealing rubber condensation or on the molding

by:Cupidove     2020-05-12

a two-component pouring sealant condensation type or on forming good

a two-component silicone products is a kind of common potting material, usually divided into condensation type pouring sealant and molding pouring sealant, a not environmental protection, a kind of environmental protection,

condensation silicone products is to absorb the moisture in the atmosphere in the process of curing cured, not by heating to accelerate the curing ( When the curing adverse instead to join too many calories) 。 Usually there will be a small by-products produced in the process of solidification. These two factors show that condensation type curing rubber only open in the atmosphere. Before curing complete sealed into the enclosed space can have adverse effects. This chemical is often used in one-component sealants, the coating adhesive and single/double component potting glue.

add forming silica gel using platinum curing agent for solidifying, won't produce any by-products in the process of solidification. When adding curing agent, they will own complete curing even in an airtight container, does not need to be open to atmosphere. A two-component forming silica gel can be room temperature curing, if necessary can also by heating to accelerate the curing speed and cured gel will not have any adverse effect. One-component and molding silicone products usually require heat curing.

platinum curing agent in certain chemical attack susceptible counterproductive, inhibits the curing result in curing incomplete. Not curing rubber or in the process of mixing process should avoid contact with the following chemicals: nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, arsenic, organic tin stabilizer, PVC stabilizer, epoxy resin curing agent, curing and condensation silicone rubber ( Note to take off the glycol type RTV silicone does not cause not curing) 。

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