A thorough knowledge of the characteristics and advantages of silicone seal

by:Cupidove     2020-08-16

the silicone products in recent years has been the favour of broad consumer mainly lies in its material characteristics, and is widely used in sealing protection material role more extensive, silicone rubber products for the silicone seal in a variety of conditions can be met regardless of under any conditions of use and the environment, it can still get the vast majority of consumer recognition, the effect of on the characteristics and properties of the silicone seal what you know about!

physical properties:

1. Good elasticity, tensile, neutral solvent has good resistance;

2。 Heat resistance: silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber;

3。 Cold resistance: ordinary rubber for later - 20°— 30 °, the silicone rubber is in - 60°— 70 ° still has good elasticity, some special formulation of silicon rubber can also withstand extremely low temperature, such as: low temperature sealing ring;

4。 For the erosion of ozone and oxide with excellent resistance;

5。 Insulation, thermal insulation, heat dissipation good performance.

material properties:

1, density: 1. 1 - 1. 12 g/c ㎡, silicone seal products ( 0. 0012%)

2, color: transparent, milky white, black, pantone color number can be customized.

3, elongation: 100% About 500%, According to the raw material and hard decision)

4, hardness: 20 °, 30 °, 40 °, 50 °, 60 °, 70 °, 80 °, commonly used in 40 ° - Between 70 °.

5, use: use more is miscellaneous pieces of silicone accessories, electronic silica gel, silica gel seal medium such as silica gel daily accessories.

the silicone seal performance:

1. Has high wear resistance, in the work seal surface is worn parts have the flexibility of automatic compensation function, thus increasing the service life of seals.

2。 Has a good performance since the embellish, so in some cannot use lubrication sealing can be at ease use.

3。 Installation is simple and convenient features, because of its simple structure compared with other kinds of seals.

4。 Has the very good stretchability and compressibility, which makes the seal ring can adapt to more work.

5。 High temperature resistance is another good performance, because in some working conditions often face a high temperature environment.

the silicone seal areas of application:

daily life, home appliances, aiming at electronic product seal, dust seal mechanical equipment, electrical insulation sealing damping, large machine oil buffer, mobile phone, camera peripheral sealant, auto lamp sealing, industrial building space military seal and so on.

the silicone seal widely used, its simple processing technology, product cost is low so this is also one of the reasons it sell like hot cakes, the shape of the mould ChengXiang by silica gel seal manufacturer to directly after mixing good raw material into the mold high temperature vulcanization molding, and also can choose different colors and hard softness, according to different user needs to choose different material and appearance that is one of the advantages of it.

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