A silica gel products monologue: [ If one day I appreciated] Please don't blame me, ok

by:Cupidove     2020-08-14

since the end of last year to this year after year don't know if you have found, seems to be all industry the price of everything? From the statistics above. 。 。 Yes! There is nothing wrong with your feeling, have 2017! The national overall consumer price level rose 2. 5%. Among them, the city rose 2. Rose 2 6%, the countryside. 2%; Food prices rose 2. 2 7% and non-food prices rise. 5%; Consumer prices rose 2. 3 2%, and the service price increases. 2%. Health care and other products and services, education, culture and entertainment, housing, transportation and communications, clothing, supplies and services prices rise 5 respectively. 0%, 4. 8%, 3. 3%, 2. 3%, 2. 3%, 1. 1% and 0. 6%.

industries to ensure their own interests had to survive!

building materials rise in price!

steel prices!

rubber prices!

packaging materials rise in price!

transportation price

. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。

the blink all sectors in the price!

'if one day I am going up in price,

' please don't blame me, '

I love you not because of to watch others up.

don't rise in price of face!

but I don't rise in price can't live!

our raw material price has!

much higher per ton 'grandpa MAO,

I think our' old 'don't want to rise in price.

can insist so long,

I still insist on not bottom go to,

if one day I'm going up in price,

I hope you can understand!

I don't want to because the raw material rise,

do there is no guarantee that the product quality,

rock-solid quality is our consistent pursuit!

valueless speed is our consistent style!

under the circumstances of raw materials prices rose sharply,

we need bulk, in the same boat,

together in the face of difficulties and risks.

to jointly explore the new pattern of mutual benefit. '

if one day I rise in price!

I hope it's all customers friends can continue to pleasant chatting with me.

if one day I rise in price!

I hope we can not contact with for the partnership.

if one day I rise in price!

I hope we can tacitly, same empathy!

'I protect the interests of the buyers and safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, promote the development of silicone products industry. Only to pass the price of this '

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