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by:Cupidove     2020-05-16
As a vibrator of sex products and lubricating oil, often of the difficult to appeal to, usually hard to see in the shopping mall. However, adult supplies chain retail company in Australia Sexyland plans to enter the traditional retail market, put all kinds of sexual products fair and square in a big store. Australian sex products market potential is tremendous, Sexyland company rapidly growing from a small shop became a turnover of large companies of tens of millions of dollars. Australia, the Sydney morning herald sexual supplies company published Sexyland development story: Sexyland company boss Angelo Abela with some large shopping malls, which will be a series of adult toys products to the shopping mall to sell, in order to obtain larger market space and profit. He said: & other; We will carefully selected products sold in the market, trying to get everything done in natural. If go into shopping mall plan can be granted, Sexyland company will strictly follow the rules. ” Abela said: & other; As to what types of products in the shopping mall to sell, we will consider. We will try to sell some allowed in public indoor selling sex products. ” If Sexyland into shopping malls, vibrator put area of no more than 10% of the total show area storefront, also won't appear beyond the mark sex appearance packaging. Vibrator is one of the company's main source of income. Since 2000, Sexyland experiencing remarkable growth, the store into just its business expansion of the step. People with an interest in Australia & other; Sexual appetite & throughout; Seems to be rapid growth Sexyland play a important role in pushing. Sexyland low starting point, in the stage of career began in a pet shop converted the store opened his own business, now for tens of millions of dollars worth of business growth. Sexyland to open a new chain per year on average speed of expanding its business empire. Now, it has 13 stores in Victoria, there are three stores in the northern region, employs more than 100 employees. Abela had run a muffler franchise, now became the Sexyland only partner of the company. Although not willing to disclose exact figures, Abela said the company's revenue & other; With millions of dollars & throughout; 。 The success of the company flourished not only with the selling of the sex toys, but also lies in the company in a more interesting and formal marketing has won the customer's heart, it has broken away from the simple & other; supplies throughout the &; The company's image. Abela said: & other; I think people like our this type of store, we do not like a normal sex shop, is located in the small streets, always shrouded in dark, remote and eerie atmosphere. Our chain distribution fair and square on the main street. ” “ At first, many people only know that we are a business adult toys supplies and bedding company, now we launched a series of novel thing, people like these things, and by using things improve the enjoyment of life. ” But recent online adult shop rapid development, Sexyland encountered unprecedented challenges, the company determined to innovate. The rise of online adult toys shop make Sexyland has seen dramatic decline in DVD sales. In the face of this online peer competition, Sexyland began to run some not with goods, such as some of the women's lingerie, shoes, toys and so on. At the same time, Sexyland before 12 months also launched its own e-commerce business, getting back some market share. In addition, due to the erotic novels, 'fifty gray' popular in Australia, so Sexyland in & other Fifty grayscale effect & throughout; Benefit, in the past six months sales increased by 15%. Abela said, & other; Fifty throughout gray &; Novel fashion, our sales as a rocket overnight. Many customers, many of them were women, to consulting related to plot the sex products in the shop. There are some male customers list, with their wives are collected ran to ask the our store and buy the product. ” Recently, Abela participated in Germany, the United States, Spain and Hong Kong at the show, purchase a large number of new products. But doing business also has some risk, although steeped in sex products business for 13 years, Abela also often make some mistakes. , he said not long ago, I bought 500 electric vibrator, think will sell very well, but now there are still 490 is in the warehouse is still unsold. Best-selling novel fifty degrees grey popular in the United States in recent years, on the New York times and the amazon best-seller list. The book tells the story of a heavy taste of love story, the hero has a tendency to abuse, like to keep the leading lady put on sultry underwear. This book by the unprecedented response, businesses make smell business opportunities, according to the circumstances of the novel designed a series of sexy lingerie, sex toys. 'Fifty degrees grey even produced & other Fifty grayscale effect & throughout; , prompting sex products sales to grow rapidly.
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