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by:Cupidove     2020-04-29
Small make up recommend silicone mobile phone sets or silica gel in the following from the clients often ask me, you what is the difference between the silicone mobile phone sets and other mobile phone, where is its characteristic? Small make up after thinking today or some out to make more friends can understand the characteristics of the silicone products mobile phone sets: about seven characteristics of silicone mobile phone sets, mainly: first, can protect the cell phone, in case of hard in the phone's screen or leave scratches on the fuselage; Second, the silicone mobile phone sets can also be effective waterproof, dust effectively, shockproof and good heat dissipation effect. Three, have prevent slippery effect; And the feel is very good quality; Four, silicone mobile phone sets have the effect of the drop, at a crucial moment can prevent cell phone broke; Five, cell phone sets can be printed on all sorts of design and color, personalized design! Beautiful, generous. Six, the silicone products sleeve can prevent nail long time contact with key scratched, worn, have the effect of the protective screen and buttons; Seven, in some cases, also have the function of the enhanced signal, because some mobile phone shell is formed after contact with the metal magnetic field interfere with cell phone signals, to mobile phones put on insulation sleeve, can enhance the signal;
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