A farce - Let the silicone rubber products away from us

by:Cupidove     2020-09-02

both businesses and enterprises were a mistake or a negative impact on misunderstanding will bring great influence, silicone rubber products industry, of course, now is the electronic information age, the good faith as the foundation of our work life, so see many businesses on the Internet shops appear bad review or refunds will affect the whole shop's reputation, so in the silicone industry, too, and now the market of many consumer understanding of the silica gel is no senior and also brings all kinds of negative image for the silicone industry, to give way in the industry enterprise customer needs to be more careful to explain many businessmen, sometimes a product is unqualified, where is the truth, and my friends never know, so just a farce but let industry affected by a lot of silicone products.

so far from the history of the development of the silica gel, there have been many rumors, especially for life with silicone rubber products, a lot of friends 'claim with silicone articles for daily use, silica gel daily necessities and so on make the skin appear red and swollen phenomenon, and for the silicone products, if the normal materials production and processing of products is without any effect to the body, it belongs to high piston body, do not conflict with any material, with high alkali or acid chemical corrosion, high temperature resistant performance is good, the most main is because it is a colorless, odorless and human skin have reflect so widely applied to daily necessities of life, and you meet this is likely to be inferior material, so please use formal channels of purchase, certification marks and silica gel products manufacturers.

for a lot of friends in the life the silicone material as a plastic material is returned, once upon a time two years began to news reports, many friends the product using silicone spoon, silicone steamer for breakfast wondering, what is silicone or plastic, so a lot of areas to investigate safety quality supervision area, the results according to the realistic basic tests are made of food grade silicone raw materials and the innocence of a misunderstanding as silica gel is the key out and damage the image of the heart of the silicone products many consumer! So we should strengthen the understanding of silicone rubber products, as long as the truth refuse rumors!

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