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by:Cupidove     2020-08-28

now we are using 6 s management, many companies for 6 s we silicone products manufacturer, is no exception for 6 s is now traditional enterprise management mode, he mainly divided into, sorting, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, put, quality, safety and 6 s management of a company's good, so the management of the company, either on the one hand, greatly improve the quality of high quality of the company, for the evaluation of many customers and consumers will greatly improve, see clean company staff to work in the company, then the work can play up.

in the early time some customers for the production of silicone products production requirements, due to the export products, products can't be above any dust and debris, but small make up for the silicone products don't understand, now what product can appear sundry or with the naked eye saw dust? Anything that is not a formal manufacturers, for our products, the colleagues of the company management for the quality department request, must carry out three times inspection, qualified to pack the goods, so the products of words, I don't think a silicone products manufacturer of sundry would happen, for the production equipment, now a lot of silicone products manufacturer of process equipment is in a few months without washing, the machine may have accumulated a lot of dust, so I also not good fun, I think may be some silicone products manufacturer business is busy, may not have the time to clean up clean, but for this question I want to say two sentences again, since can certification ISO9001 certification, how for 6 s cannot be strict?

for 6 s management of silicone products, although we don't do your best, but for each week the machine clean and meeting some, silica gel products superior requirements for clean to mop the floor every day after the completion of the health products are put to work, we are strict for internal employees, for employees' personal hygiene requirements, too, nails and hair clean-up regularly every month, every month for a safety seminar, if work when all have no, so what's the use of our work? To sternly remind us some rules on the production side of illegal operation or individual violations for severe requirement!

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