5 g era - What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products industry

by:Cupidove     2020-08-12

5 g licences the dust settles. On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to the three major telecom operators, China mobile, China unicom, China telecom and China broadcasting and television network co. , LTD formally issued 5 g card, approved the four business 'fifth generation digital cellular mobile communication business'.

with the issuance of licenses, marks the official start of the 5 g network commercial, China into 5 g era. 5 g commercial unfolds over time. 5 g will have a broad and China's economic and social fields, the depth of fusion, will bring revolutionary change to the production and living of people, also will become the booster of China's economic transformation, become the new engine for the development of Chinese economic and high quality. In China, 5 g commercial, stimulating investment, expand domestic demand, leading scientific and technological innovation, to achieve industrial upgrading and development of new economy; For the people, high bandwidth, high quality, high experience and high intelligence of the world, will help achieve our yearning for a better life.

4 g change life, change society, 5 g miit skip pre commercial license directly to issue formal commercial 5 g licences, earlier market expectations for about half a year in advance. China became the South Korea, the United States, Britain, Switzerland, after the fifth announced 5 g commercial country, among the first tier 5 g!

according to overseas media reported several industry: 5 g will drive global chemical organic silicone products demand will reach the scale of $5 billion, this would mean 5 g can completely in the midst of all walks of life fully show the functionality of the docking with the migrant workers. It gives everyone's first impression is the 'fast', 'fast' the arrival of the era also gave the silicone products industry has brought new opportunities and challenges.

'fast' means that the heating will be more, because of increased power consumption and mobile structure change, so the materials must be used in the thermal conductivity is better; 5 g era to promote thermal conductive materials rise in demand, at the same time lead to higher cooling requirement and wider application fields. The advent of the era of 5 g not only requires must better heat conduction of organic silicon thermal conductive materials, the price is lower, even at the same time for different customers customized innovation and solution.

it calls for a wide range of vibration frequency and 5 g environment in millimeter wave band has stable and electromagnetic shielding ability, strong adhesive and durable machinery and electrical conductivity, can hooks onto a variety of substrate, can be high temperature resistant, resistant to moisture, shock resistance, resistance to compression and tensile stress. There are 1. 5 times of elongation of flexible to ensure contact.

at present, the dow, wacker, Mr Ken several foreign companies, such as silicon treasure, in the blue light, and other domestic enterprises are actively deployment and update electronic with silicon materials, are stepping up the pace, keep up with the train 5 g era, take market share.

5 g commercial will drive the economy development of high quality. In the process of towards the development of high quality and innovation of science and technology is leading the first motive force in the development. When we step by step towards a on the basis of 5 g, everything, everything connected, all intelligent perception of the world at the same time, a new round of technological innovation, the industrial pattern will emerge gradually. From 5 g chip research and development to 5 g terminal development, science and technology innovation with the extending direction and the possibility of more. 5 g commercial for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries will face difficulties and challenges bring broken opportunities.

5 g promotion, will provide interdisciplinary fusion depth, all-round, multi-level industry to provide strong support, will promote the traditional industry research and development, design, sales, production, management services and production process of the direction of further to digital, intelligent, collaborative and profound changes, promoting industrial total cycle, total value in the field of intelligent management, help the traditional industry structure optimization, the mass transfer efficiency. 5 g will be from two aspects: innovation and traditional industry coordination, promote the whole society to produce new ecological capacity, promote upgrading of industrial structure transformation in our country, promote the development of China's economy is high quality. 5 g industry will drive the tens of thousands of direct economic output of one hundred million yuan, will also be 5 g new materials industry with huge market.

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