3 d printing to choose what is the main reason for the silicone material?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-10

at present can be used for 3 d printing materials, common resin, alloy ( Such as nickel chromium, cobalt, aluminum, titanium, etc. ) , polymer, ceramic, plastic, etc. With ACEO? Imagine Series 100, wacker became the first by 3 d printing industrial production of the company. In wacker before first launched the revolutionary significance of technology, organic silicon is not for 3 d printing. Today, 100% of organic silicon has been used for modeling or small batch production, downstream many silica gel processing manufacturers have started production, to benefit from many industries. So, for 3 d printing industry, '100% organic silicon' or 'real' elastomer how special?

, we get from Germany wacker ACEO? Dr Expert team, Bernd Pachaly reply to his professional knowledge to share with you some for organic silicon materials applied in the 3 d printing technology insights, help you uncover the mysteries of the organic silicon 3 d printing.

what silicone, please?

polysiloxane, silicone scientific names is a kind of the main chain made of silicon oxygen atoms alternate the floorboard of the polymer. In this kind of material, silicon rubber products is an important member, it is composed of liquid silicone rubber or solid silicone rubber made by a variety of crosslinking reaction.

ACEO吗? What type of organic silicon is used?

ACEO吗? Using the liquid silicon rubber, the material by wacker is widely used in injection molding and is already well known. As one of wacker brands, ACEO? Benefit from more than 70 years of silicone professional technical knowledge, continuously to develop this kind of organic silicon, in order to meet specific application requirements.

the main components of the silicone rubber is a silicone polymer, cross-linking agent and reinforcing filler and catalyst, the material and the mixture of high viscosity rubber crosslinking reaction after formation. Which does not use any organic matter or copolymer, and finished products for real rubber ( 100% organic silicon) ', not 'class rubber material. In addition, the crosslinking reaction is a platinum catalyst silicon hydrogen addition reaction, no by-products or residue.

compared with other types of rubber, organic silicon 100% if you have any special?

to not synthetic rubber, organic silicon with unique chemical and mechanical properties, such as:

suppleness and elasticity


application temperature range


biological inert

usually, silicone rubber has biocompatibility, and conform to the requirements of the food applications. Because of its stability, so without any additives and stabilizers.

compared with silicone injection molding, silicone 3 d printing have what advantage?

organic silicon 3 d printing without using any tools or molds, can be directly convert digital model to physical objects, thus reducing the production cost, especially when used in modeling or small batch production, in particular.

another advantage of organic silicon 3 d printing is to save production time, can greatly shorten the process cycle; At the same time can quickly improve product during product development.

each of the 3 d printing parts are able to customize, to meet the needs of industries such as oral cavity or dental care, to make the model simulation of the human tissue anatomy.

ACEO can provide customized according to the requirements of the specific application of organic silicon

100% of the 3 d printing silicone can benefit what applications and industries?

in the transportation or industrial area, such as machinery and equipment, rapid modeling and product small batch production, and on-demand production of spare parts is very important.

in the medical field, with organic silicon 3 d printing, can produce dental personalization applications such as clip or anatomical model, and ACEO products will also help to customize according to the different situation of specific patient treatment, so as to further promote medical education and preoperative planning.

, with 70 years of silicone professional knowledge and technology, so each process to meet the highest industry standards

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