2019 - Silicone rubber products industry should how to gain a foothold

by:Cupidove     2020-08-22

in the silicone industry, to the fierce competition in the market in the same industry and the degree of the upper material gains, and determines the profit of each silicone products manufacturer and living space, while in the same industry competitive can from inside the silicone factory cost and technical advantage, only the rise of raw materials as well as the policy of the country is unable to control counter, so the way of existence for the silicone products industry has become the lifeblood of every enterprise, in this year of economic weight, silicone products manufacturer. What should I go?

each enterprise has different ways of operation and operation method, and different silica gel products factory also have the same problem, it may operate on the one hand is insufficient but on the other hand may do well, then to the survival of the silicone products manufacturer, exactly what to use them?

development route: silica gel gifts, silica gel maintenance supplies are to be carried out through the research and development to produce finished goods in sales, and some silica gel processing plant products is only do accessories, not do the finished product, has lost the advantage in terms of profit, so taking r&d line there is a high profits high reward. But the only flaw is the prophase investment and waste is very big!

each enterprise must be strict with quality control is a, but in the proportion of defective rate of some silicone products industry is unable to control, such as proofing and period a year earlier, the new mould on-line with the machine in die cushion, and the machine just born after wen is likely to cause adverse, and some of the silicone rubber products manufacturers can be controlled very well in these aspects, use the internally to eliminate production, strictly control scrap rate, reduce the production cost.

order enough: every business afraid again afraid at leisure to look, and much better look than idle down, so the order enough cases, is often the main, but the premise is to determine what order of product quality, such as the production is good, the product profit, sales channels where and how the order of QOO, if above all industry quality assured for you, then it can save the settle.

cost control as the main problems, no matter you have much success in the research and development on the road, no matter how good profits in order and channels, the cost of waste or you are one of the main control factors, so in the silica gel products industry need to strictly control the cost of time, waste of semi-finished products and finished products of waste, waste of the waste of raw materials and auxiliary materials, artificial waste, silicone flash material waste, the production efficiency of waste, the waste time cost. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。

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