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2019 More and More Sex Toys for Female

2019 More and More Sex Toys for Female


The sex industry is growing, sex toys are becoming varied for different users. In order to attract more users, sex toy manufacturers are also innovating products with high-quality silicone materials, a combination of multiple functions, the application of new technology, just to help users find own pleasure. And you can find more and more sex toys for female via this article.


1. Discreet female toys

Those products that are not considered to be sex toys even in the bedroom by consumers, want to use it wherever you want .and many people found purchasing sex toys embarrassing .These sex toy aren’t shaped like a penis ,The shapes are like beauty products , there has been such a trend a few years ago, and this trend will become more apparent in the future. We’re trying to create products that are more just about human needs-for everyone.



2.Modern style vibrators

More and more female want to belong one modern style vibrator or wand massage that looks more like a craft. Although traditional style are still selling well,  manufacturers still main produce classic products more. But a elegant products that bring more profit for factory , and bring customer inspirit enjoy than sex . it felt revolutionary and so far off sex toys.


3.Mini toys for travel

sex toys that are traveling or traveling for business have become popular. People like to relax in a different place to enjoy different experience , the toys can help a lot . These products require small size and good concealment, The vibration is very strong,it is very simple just one,two three speed .



4.Functional toys

Classic vibrators are still selling well , just keep the good stuff :USB chargeable ,waterproof,and funning on different motors . But as users experience more and more, they are also looking for more intense stimulation , such as more intense vibration ,how to ensure to get high-intensity vibration. Now there are many options like thrusting ,roating , pulsing wave , blowing , sucking ,tricking .....


5.Adjust toys as users needs

Most of today's product designs follow ergonomics, but it doesn't mean it suits everyone. manufacturers are also looking for more flexible designs and materials that allow users to adjust to their own bodies. Some sex toys are flexible to bend . It's smarter now to add accessories and suits for users options .


6.Colors pleasure silicone toys

As colour research of adult products ,good color help couple arouse ,products are more beautiful if match color very well. As far as foreign markets are concerned, the more extreme rainbow colors are becoming more and more popular, but pink and purple vibrator are still the first choice for sex toys.I do not know why ,might purple is a more arousing color,pink is color what female like most. this year,more and more product colors are brighter, such as lavender violet, lightning blue, bubble powder are very popular. Silicone is good choice to make colors pleasure toys.

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