2019 Asia adult expo exhibition: 200 exhibitors, professional audience of 4800 people

by:Cupidove     2020-04-09
2019 Asia adult expo exhibition: 200 exhibitors, 4800 professional visitors time: 2019 - 09 - 09 source: author: reading: Asia adult expo ( AAE) August 29, 2020 in false end of Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre. Gathered from mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia and the United States, a total of about 200 exhibitors and brand. Collection of adult toys, lingerie, health care products, BDSM and other related manufacturers and brands, AAE provide professional audience with a classic and elegant fashion design choice. Set from 52 countries and regions, 4800 people in the industry business visitors this year about 4800 people, get professional visitors from 52 different countries and regions, including the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, panama, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States, Vietnam, Spain and South Africa, etc. Viewers from afar to purchase, build a network, explore new market development potential and looking for a partner. Exhibitors and business visitors the positive feedback, showing the AAE international industry network, provide a professional business platform and can make the adult industry's sustainable development. Emotional focus products underwear make life different exhibitors in addition to the display of adult toys, adult doll furniture, sensory care and other products, appeal, in different parts of the underwear brands and manufacturers more attention by many buyers. Over the past few years, the growing global demand for underwear, improves the women on its physical self-perception, learn more about the various types of underwear, how to enhance their self-confidence and sex. 七个的 直到午夜,SUNSPICE EDENKISS… Trade acclaim from the audience to show sexy brand, reflecting the potential of lingerie products. Many high quality manufacturers more shows the bodice, sexy clothing, socks, fabrics, men's underwear and SM and other products. AAE annual adult BBS across more cultural and related industry since 2017, 'the future adult entertainment BBS' invited professional speakers around the world, sharing technology and adult products, sexual health, adult different directions such as the latest industry trends, the media information. This year is invited to the more relevant industry experts such as French social media sensation, sexual health treatment group of specialized subject doctor, international testing company, etc. , on the topic content more diversified. By 'to explore the safety of adult toys and compliance', 'the evolution of the interaction device' and 'how to through the social media marketing: LGBT audience and community' talk to 'sexual health, interest and security,' all-round for AAE exhibitors and visitors understand the adult industry front information business. In 2020, the exhibition forecast [ Asia adult expo AAE 2020] On August 25 to 27, 2020, Hong Kong convention and exhibition centre AAE, together with the industry growth, will absorb more exhibitors, invite more international business buyers and inject more updated element, through B2B professional exhibition to create good trade negotiation environment for both buyers and sellers. The annual renewal for August 25-2020 27, in Hong Kong convention and exhibition center and goodbye to you all!
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