2018 mobile phones are necessary for a silicone case silica gel, silica gel products manufacturers

by:Cupidove     2020-09-07

the shell has a variety of different types, different materials, but others have been questioning the role of silica gel protective sleeve! In this sense, what the iphone, huawei, samsung brand hard enough to actually have on the product, the appearance and surface treatment itself dealing with extreme so this is also a lot of people often mention the ask a question, that is why the high-end expensive phones require a silicone mobile phone case.

we know that after the iPhone and 8 X cool shell food-grade silicone case as official release, solid iPhone silicone case launched by apple's official website that fit the first feeling is, compared to other materials cannot, of course, the feeling is not what material products can reach, so the silicone material mature technology make a stand now become a hot popular silicone rubber products is inevitable! And, apart from apple almost every brand has belongs to own a silica gel protective sleeve, so the silicone products are pretty hot a day supplies!

say why here is a lot of people need a silicone mobile phone sets?

the first product texture soft usually touch will like this kind of feeling, after treated with non-slip handle oil make more clear surface, in addition it is special in soft tensile resilience, has the very good buffer, when fall on the ground with cushioning the effect of decompression, nature can achieve drop anti-collision function, compared with the shell material it can be arbitrary curved fold and springback, durability and practicability for longer.

in silica gel itself belongs to the environmental protection non-toxic materials, after factory 200 degrees high temperature vulcanization silicone protective shell molding on the machine has added a sulfur and different worry will be harmful to the body, generally can be divided into food grade and medical grade silicone material and high performance tension silica gel material, such as the tendency of basically is to see the product that needs to choose, so mobile users require a silica gel sets, mostly because the silicone material performance attracted to come!

is a must have for anyone who appreciates manufacturer of silicone products to the greatest extent.
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