2018 mixing silicone industry in a dilemma, how pretty the past?

by:Cupidove     2020-09-12

at the end of 2018, and covered half for chemical organic silicon industry is a comprehensive change, for this must have friends feel the same way as the chemical industry, the trend is not based on the enterprise as heavy, but in people's country, the environmental supervision is not so careless, the upstream raw materials is no longer so comprehensive supply, for 'payment is no longer that easily, and 2018 is the year of dog chicken fly a dog to jump a year?

for environmental protection, it blew don't know how many companies pot meal! For a lot of businesses is not as before, can meet the needs of their respective suppliers! , of course, for our family life, environmental monitoring is very reasonably, and bring us more healthy life and environmental health, but also what we desire, but for the organic silicon chemical industry, for silicone downstream suppliers and say it is a neck knife, forcing the silica gel products industry, especially this year!

upstream raw materials affected by the environmental protection have to raise prices, since last year to now, the chemical industry of various materials, remember the time of the mixed silicone prices in 17 yuan a kilo to 30 yuan a kilogram now, another white carbon black, titanium dioxide, silicone resin, silicone oil, paint and so on various formats up! Abroad after prices continue to rise, domestic large up small enterprises rose! By contrast how could that be affected, and this move seriously affected the downstream too many too many companies! Price a letter every month, will completely messed up the whole industry chain!

on the other hand, the influence of a policy 'capacity' become the focus of the chemical industry in our country in the future. The so-called 'capacity', is shut down those who are for the environment pollution of backward production capacity, many chemical companies, especially small and medium-sized chemical companies, limited funds, equipment is relatively backward, the environmental protection does not reach the designated position, so as to become the target of the 'close' policy, and source of small and medium-sized enterprises face and downstream of small and medium enterprises, once shut down, leading to supply don't beg, with the step by step, look up efforts in environmental protection, organic silicon the survival of small and medium-sized enterprise cost will be higher and higher.

in each industry are in the same way, 'the big fish eat small fish, whales bully world' is a common phenomenon for silicone rubber products industry, capital turnover is relatively good, enterprise is able to hold up larger budget risk of enterprise is DianDianBoBo this year, but for money and customer groups not thick several silicone manufacturers that estimates this year there will be a lot of trouble! 2018 for organic silicon is a huge challenge, the challenge in when you stick to a paper shuffling, that even survived the bitter days, may have good day!

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