2017: what are one of the hot selling silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-29

has received a lot of customers on the Internet asking, did ask with stars of the silicone skin cleaning brush! ! Was thinking exactly which star used silica gel material, in secretly flipped through many stars weibo dynamic there are many stars in use. What attracts the users? The first 'white' as the saying goes, 'is the mule is horse, camel thing is he is a good horse' so no matter what things can play a role, to achieve the effect is good.

the silicone brush clean face why would receive such a favor? First of all, the problems to effect a lot of friends all know that South Korea, Japan and other countries are pay attention to the appearance of foreign trade, and in Japan didn't five seconds, can I sell a silicone skin cleaning brush, because involves to own facial wash clean effect, many nylon brush after use can't achieve the ideal effect, because of its fine brush head is too have no fixed body effect, so when cleaning is not very good effect, and silicon material is different, although its brush a head to a little less bulky, but when using force equilibrium, the entire face can achieve good effect, cleaning is closer to the skin.

in addition to the effect, the service life of the material and durable performance is good, better compared with other material it back stretch, softness is stronger, the long-term use of won't appear the phenomenon of brush head drop, so it is a kind of long-term use of daily necessities, such as using the normal, 2 - use for a long time 5 years is no problem, in the process of silica gel products manufacturers, raw material made of food grade silica gel production material without any smell, toughness is sufficient, so more don't have to worry about any damage to the skin, can be at ease use. So I think a lot of obvious why can choose silicone material mask brush, probably it is for this reason, all aspects of performance is outstanding, the cause of the high cost performance! This is a kind of reason it can fire the!

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