2017 left, popular science subsequent silica gel products market changes!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-25

the silicone products in China for the sales of the market and demand has been constantly growing, with the first ten months of long-standing, silica gel products industry is about to enter the baptism, who fled but also s and the transformation of the silicone industry of the cabbage price already in the past, due to the raw material of squeeze profits during the first half of the reason, I believe that after this period of time after can make a lot of people in the next two months, a new idea for the silicone products, will think the silicone will have luxury, this is the change after the thorough reshuffle this time!

into a silicone products manufacturer in recent months, for the investigation of the market, due to changes in upstream manufacturers of raw materials have been rising, downstream in addition to the price war, some still adhere to the line of conventional followed closely by the market price, which is in the face of the recent environmental incidents and the market has a single compact double whammy, I believe that in the case of a continuous rise in price is not available, I believe that in next year's today custom silicone products are goods quantity will also be a problem.

after the reshuffle, so the silicone raw materials rose, subsequent silicone products and design, mold, packaging, logistics, and so on will be affected by a certain, and the pricing of silicone rubber products factory whether can after baptism footing with son?

it is because in this era of someone glad someone sorrow, some on a company to feel joy, in the middle and lower reaches will feel sad, but if you really have the ability to make superior quality silicone rubber products, what are you afraid of?

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