0 degrees of silica gel has many soft like baby baby face

by:Cupidove     2020-05-17

0 degrees of soft silicone how

can be divided into solid silica gel and liquid silicone, silicone material liquid silicone has divided into one-component and A two-component, chromate-free liquid silicone products hardness is adjustable, high hardness can be similar to tire and rubber, hardness is very high, but performance is crisp, soft is people recognized 0 degrees soft glue, is usually characterized by tearing tensile performance is poor, often cannot achieve the ideal effect, and moderate hardness is should be stable, therefore, A lot of people to choose soft glue, often take 5 degrees, slightly A little bit hard, to ensure the performance meet the requirements, basic belong to settle for second best,

so, 0 degrees of soft rubber how however, we often said is A unit of shaw A, 0 degrees soft glue is similar to the baby's skin, breast, and hardness. Actually, zero is not a soft rubber, is well known, soft glue is 0 degrees, Cupidove company produces the 0 degrees below the silica gel performance is good, there is a need for flexibility can contact us.

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